Who we Serve

Legitimacy of Needs: Each opportunity for service that is presented to Operation Share will be assessed on an individual basis by one or more members of the staff of Operation Share. Although decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, the following general guidelines are in place to provide reasonable guidance as to the legitimacy of the request:

  1. Does Operation Share possess sufficient resources to respond to the request?
  2. Does the individual/family for whom the request has been made have sufficient resources themselves to meet the perceived need?
  3. Has the need been forwarded to us by a recognized humanitarian agency or non-profit organization?
  4. Does the individual/family currently receive support from a government agency or non-profit organization?
  5. Is a repair (for example, to one’s house/dwelling) a basic life necessity?
  6. Has the individual/family received assistance from Operation Share within the past six months?

* Note that we receive numerous requests for free household furniture. However, Operation Share has neither the resources nor the mandate to respond to all the requests we receive.


Sunday –10:00am
A time to praise, worship and participate in the mutual enjoyment of the building up of the Body of Christ.

Thursday – Home Groups –7:00pm
There are currently four home groups. If you would like to join one, just ask.

Office hours:
Tuesday & Friday, 9am to 1pm
Telephone: (204) 586 – 4103

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