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Who we Serve

Legitimacy of Needs: Each opportunity for service that is presented to Faith Church (using funds raised via Operation Share) will be assessed on an individual basis. Although decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, the following general guidelines are in place to provide reasonable guidance as to the legitimacy of the request:

  1. Are there sufficient resources to respond to the request?
  2. Does the individual/family for whom the request has been made have sufficient resources themselves to meet the perceived need?
  3. Has the need been forwarded to us by a recognized humanitarian agency or non-profit organization?
  4. Does the individual/family currently receive support from a government agency or non-profit organization?
  5. Is a repair (for example, to one’s house/dwelling) a basic life necessity?
  6. Has the individual/family received assistance from Faith Church within the past six months?


    Sunday –10:00am
    A time to praise, worship and participate in the mutual enjoyment of the building up of the Body of Christ.

    Office hours:
    Friday, 9am to 1pm
    Telephone: (204) 586 – 4103