2018 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Operation Share in 2018:

  • replaced an aging roof for a disabled widow in the North End of Winnipeg
  • supplied new baby items (stoller, car seat, crib mattress, etc) for a woman who had recently immigrated to Winnipeg from overseas
  • paid moving charges for a married couple on disability so that they could move into a more affordable rental situation
  • paid registration fees so that a man could enter a Bible-based recovery program at a downtown mission
  • paid outstanding Hydro bill for a married couple seeking employment; employment has since been found
  • paid for a portion of funeral-related expenses for a man with limited income
  • various home visits made and basic furniture supplied to a variety of homes
  • spiritual care and counsel offered in a number of situations

2017 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Operation Share in 2017:

  • fixed (dry walled, taped and painted) a fallen kitchen ceiling for a disabled senior citizen on limited income
  • paid a portion of hotel costs for a couple that was stranded in Winnipeg due to their car breaking down
  • supplied and installed a new washing machine as well as cold and hot water shut offs for a single woman on limited income
  • paid Permanent Resident card application fees for a senior citizen, as well as assisted with the paperwork
  • covered extensive car repair expenses so that owner could return to work as a reliable vehicle was required for the job
  • purchased new mattress, box spring, bedframes and bedsheets for disabled woman on limited income
  • moved several needy individuals out of undesirable living situations into better accommodations
  • paid for a portion of the funeral expenses for a senior citizen who passed away, having no family or next of kin in the province

2015 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Operation Share in 2015:

  • We provided temporary employment for a recent graduate of an inner city men’s drug recovery program
  • We performed a variety of house repairs for a 50-something widowed woman suffering from cerebral palsy
  • We bought a new wheelchair for a disabled woman with limited income
  • We assisted a young man with obtaining his out-of-province birth certificate, a Manitoba Health card and an MPI photo ID card. This enabled him to look for work within Winnipeg.
  • We donated furniture (sofa chairs, etc) to a summer camp ministry within Manitoba
  • We donated a large quantity of gently used and new furniture to a widowed mother of seven children
  • We donated furniture to a number of recent immigrants from overseas countries
  • We provided financial assistance to a number of individuals who were in legitimate financial crises

2016 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Operation Share in 2016:

  • Found suitable housing for an elderly man who was living in an unhealthy living arrangement in the inner city. Paid for his first month’s rent and damage deposit. Bought him a new bed, plus other items for his apartment.
  • Helped fix a bathroom that was in a state of disrepair. Dealt with the mold on the ceiling and replaced the toilet and flooring.
  • Replaced a dilapidated set of back steps for a family whose mother has mobility issues
  • Repaired a kitchen ceiling and living room ceiling that was coming apart in a 100-year old home in the inner city; the home-owner had little funds or expertise to conduct this work
  • Covered the costs of a fence repair/replacement for a family whose fence had been destroyed by a drunk driver
  • Paid the registration costs for a young man to enter Adult & Teen Challenge Recovery Program
  • Provided new or gently used household items to individuals and families in need. Items include: multiple mattresses  &  boxsprings; walker; play pen; crib; dishes; etc.

Tim and Ruby’s Story

* for privacy reasons, the names have been changed

Several years ago, Tim and Ruby’s young boy had fallen seriously ill with seizures and brain impairment. As a result of this illness he was no longer able to walk or even to feed himself. After being discharged from a lengthy stay in the hospital his parents came to realize that having no bathroom on the main floor of their older house was going to pose a significant mobility issue for their ill son. To assist this family, Operation Share/Faith Church covered much of the cost for the installation of a tub and other bathroom amenities on the main floor. This was a tremendous relief to Tim and Ruby as they no longer had to carry their boy upstairs to use the bathroom.

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