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Operation Share was a ministry of Faith Church that purposed to meet physical and spiritual needs within our surrounding community and, at times, in the greater Winnipeg area. Throughout 2012-2015 funds for Operation Share were raised at auction or online through the sale of unwanted goods or stale inventory received from businesses and/or individuals in exchange for a charitable donation receipt. All other expenses (for example,  employee salaries) were covered by Faith ChurchIn 2016 Operation Share ceased formal operations; we no longer receive donations of inventory. Funds raised through the past sale of inventory at the Operation Share warehouse are still being used (as of 2022) to meet urgent needs in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. 


    Sunday –10:00am
    A time to praise, worship and participate in the mutual enjoyment of the building up of the Body of Christ.

    Office hours:
    Friday, 9am to 1pm
    Telephone: (204) 586 – 4103