COVID 19 Update:

Due to current provincial regulations, our in-person Sunday meetings have been cancelled for the next while.  If you have a need or a question please phone the church office (204-586-4103). Please note that during this time we do have FREE Bibles, books, and DVDs addressing a variety of vital topics (for example: forgiveness, marriage, fear of death, raising children, etc). These are available for distribution within Winnipeg. Thank you.


Richard Wurmbrand was a Jew and a Romanian Christian. After World War 2 he was imprisoned for many years and suffered terrible persecution under the communist regime in Romania. His crime? Testifying that true hope and peace are found in Jesus Christ. This short video contains clips from the biographical film "Tortured for Christ".

Having grown up with a mother that was frequently abusive towards her, Dorothy struggled with bitterness and lack of forgiveness as a young adult. After being convicted of her bitterness, Dorothy asked the Lord for a spirit of forgiveness towards her mom. Watch and see how the Lord answered her prayer!

The murder of unborn childen (abortion) is a great tragedy in our nation and in the world. Watch this short film and be challenged.


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