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2021-2022 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Faith Church / Operation Share in 2021 & 2022 :

  • provided funds to assist a disabled woman move from her home to a wheelchair accessible suite
  • purchased reading material for ladies participating in an addiction recovery and new life program
  • provided funds to assist with funeral expenses for a low-income woman
  • provided numerous household items (beds, dressers, tables, lamps, etc) for multiple Ukrainian refugee families fleeing the war in Ukraine
  • provided funds to a low-income indiviudual/immigrant in order to receive class 5 driver lessons
  • multiple provisions of food for individuals and families

2020 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Faith Church / Operation Share in 2020:

  • purchased baby items (stroller, bucket seat, crib and mattress) for a recent immigrant who was expecting
  • provided biblically based books for inmate(s) in MB jail
  • purchased bedding and supplied food/gift cards for recently arrived refugees in Winnipeg
  • provided funds for and built a new lifeguard stand for a MB kids summer camp located near Lake Winnipeg
  • contributed funds towards moving costs for a Winnipeg senior 
  • various food hampers and other supports given to needy people within the community

2019 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Faith Church / Operation Share in 2019:

  • paid for the installation of a wheelchair ramp for a widow with severe mobility issues
  • helped fix / paint garage for an elderly man in the inner city whose old garage was violating city bylaws / code
  • purchased car seat, stroller, high chair, etc for recently immigrated family with new born baby
  • paid camp fees for a teenage girl to attend a summer Bible camp
  • paid outstanding rent for a couple who had recently become unemployed; paid moving costs for same couple to find work out of province
  • assisted with housing (paid damage deposit) for a single woman who had recently left a woman's shelter in Winnipeg; also provided funds to help set up her new suite
  • paid outstanding Manitoba Hydro bill for couple who had experienced employment changes
  • assisted with various requests for food, prayer, baby supplies, etc. Bibles and other materials distributed where desired.

2018 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Faith Church / Operation Share in 2018:

  • paid moving charges for a disabled couple so that they could obtain more affordable housing  
  • paid for a portion of funeral expenses for a senior citizen in the inner city
  • purchased a new stroller, car seat, crib mattress, etc., for a recent immigrant to Winnipeg who was expecting her first child
  • paid moving charges for a disabled individual so that they could rent a wheelchair accessible suite
  • paid the entrance / intake fees for a young man to enter the Winnipeg Adult & Teen Challenge substance abuse recovery program
  • replaced the roof (shingles, etc) and made other minor household repairs for a disabled, widowed senior in the north end

2017 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Operation Share in 2017:

  • fixed (dry walled, taped and painted) a fallen kitchen ceiling for a disabled senior citizen on limited income
  • paid a portion of hotel costs for a couple that was stranded in Winnipeg due to their car breaking down
  • supplied and installed a new washing machine as well as cold and hot water shut offs for a single woman on limited income
  • paid Permanent Resident card application fees for a senior citizen, as well as assisted with the paperwork
  • covered extensive car repair expenses so that owner could return to work as a reliable vehicle was required for the job
  • purchased new mattress, box spring, bedframes and bedsheets for disabled woman on limited income
  • moved several needy individuals out of undesirable living situations into better accommodations
  • paid for a portion of the funeral expenses for a senior citizen who passed away, having no family or next of kin in the province