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Serving our Community

We began “Operation Share” because of an increasing burden amongst our church body to meet legitimate, urgent physical and spiritual needs in our local community. As we share the good news of Jesus Christ’s redemptive plan in our city we often meet individuals and families who need a legitimate “hand up” and not merely a “hand out”. As the Lord impresses us to meet these urgent needs it is our desire that others are drawn to our Saviour and LORD.

Although Operation Share ceased formal operations in 2015/16 we still use remaining funds to meet urgent needs in the surrounding community and the greater Winnipeg area.

  • Faith Church / Operation Share renovated a bathroom of a home in the inner city that had ceiling mold and a rotting floor. These are several of the before and after pictures
  • Operation Share contributed funds to help cover the cost of repairs when a ceiling collapsed in a family home.
  • Operation share contributed funds in order to renovate a bathroom for ease of access for a disabled child.
  • Other projects have included fixing rotting decks, fences and fallen kitchen ceilings for seniors in the community.


    Sunday –10:00am
    A time to praise, worship and participate in the mutual enjoyment of the building up of the Body of Christ.

    Office hours:
    Friday, 9am to 1pm
    Telephone: (204) 586 – 4103