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If you have a pressing need or a question, please phone the church building office (204-586-4103). Please note that during this time we do have FREE Bibles, books, and DVDs addressing a variety of vital topics (for example: forgiveness, marriage, fear of death, raising children, etc). These are available for distribution within Winnipeg. We will gladly mail out these resources to you or drop them off in person. Thank you.


Costi Hinn describes how the Lord opened his understanding to the dangers of the prosperity gospel movement. The promise of prosperity theology is that Jesus gave His life so that we can be healthy, wealthy, and happy. This is a message that not only deceives; it damns. Now Costi is committed to proclaiming Jesus as He is revealed in Scripture. Only the biblical gospel saves. His story serves as a powerful catalyst to lead people out of prosperity theology and into a living relationship with Jesus.

Having grown up with a mother that was frequently abusive towards her, Dorothy struggled with bitterness and lack of forgiveness as a young adult. After being convicted of her bitterness, Dorothy asked the Lord for a spirit of forgiveness towards her mom. Watch and see how the Lord answered her prayer!

Becket spent over 25 years pursuing the desires we all desperately want as human beings: relationships, love, intimacy, support, and affirmation. Undeniably, these desires had a unique grip on his heart that was incomparable to any other desire. They carried with them emotions that vastly impacted his will, intentions, and actions and became a unique part of his identity.The problem with this is that he was not created to have an identity rooted in sexual orientation or human relationships. No one is. We were created to have an identity rooted in God.


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A time to praise, worship and participate in the mutual enjoyment of the building up of the Body of Christ.

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