Susan's Story

*for privacy reasons, name has been changed


Susan’s life was simply going from bad to worse. Her daughter had recently died tragically and this had left Susan in a depressed state of mind. On top of that, the house in which she was renting one floor of was now being sold almost immediately as the landlord had recently passed away. With an impending change in her living accommodations being right around the corner and having no help or financial resources to move an acquaintance made her aware of his church’s desire to meet her urgent need. Susan was told that volunteers serving with Operation Share would come on the following Saturday and move her to the nearby apartment in which she had found a suite. Susan was overcome with emotion as her immediate need had been met—-for free and by people she had not met before! A final blessing for her came in the form of a queen-sized bed mattress, a gift to her from Operation Share and a local Winnipeg mattress distributor.

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