Justin's Story

*for privacy reasons, name has been changed 

 In just his mid-30’s, Justin’s wife suddenly passed away in Winnipeg leaving him to raise his young daughter and son. Faced with the difficult task of raising his kids alone and working full time, Justin turned to welfare as his struggle wore on. After a couple of years of eking out an existence in the inner city of Winnipeg, Justin was made aware of a job opportunity in his home town in southern Ontario. He was informed that his relatives would be more than willing to look after his two kids while he would be at work, so this looked like a prime opportunity to have a fresh start. The only thing holding Justin back was an inability to pay for his young family’s bus tickets and other travel costs. This is when a couple of Justin’s friends made him aware of their church’s ministry initiative, known as Operation Share, and its’ mandate to help people with urgent needs in Winnipeg. An agreement was quickly struck. If Justin was willing to volunteer for several days at the Operation Share warehouse, Operation Share would gladly pay for his bus tickets. Justin was thrilled, having been given a legitimate means to earn his way back home rather than simply receiving a handout. So who watched Justin’s little girl and boy while he worked for his bus tickets? Well, four or five families from the church volunteered to babysit his children each day that he worked. Justin could barely contain his emotions as he attempted to express his thanks for all the efforts made on his behalf. A few days later, with daughter and son in tow, Justin departed Winnipeg for the bus trip home. A new beginning was on its way.


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